Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (OH-14)

On December 29th, 1960, Anthony’s grandparents fled Cuba under threat of execution from the Castro regime. Along with their children, they came to Ohio in search of a better life inspired by a belief in our democratic principles and the ability to create their own American story.

Anthony grew up in Northeast Ohio where he attended St. Ignatius High School. He went on to earn a scholarship to The Ohio State University where he played wide receiver for one of his mentors, Jim Tressel. On and off the field, they had many great successes including two Big Ten championships and an undefeated record against “That Team Up North.”

After spending a lifetime in and around Northeast Ohio, and 5 years in the NFL, Anthony went to Stanford University where he earned his MBA and learned the fundamentals of running a successful business. Although Anthony earned a world class education and started his business career, he will be the first to tell you that the most important thing that happened out there was that he met the love of his life – Elizabeth.

Anthony is currently serving his first term in Congress and has pledged to be a conservative problem solver and seek bipartisan solutions to America’s biggest problems. Anthony is fighting to empower Northeast Ohio’s economy, rebalance the trade scales back in the favor of the U.S., and fight for America’s veterans.

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