Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL-16)

Adam Kinzinger, a Bloomington, IL native, is a focused, results-oriented, conservative leader, dedicated to Illinois’ proud tradition of leadership in the United States Congress. As an Air Force pilot who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, Adam now fights everyday to create opportunity for the residents of Illinois 16th Congressional District, and the American people.

Through his role on the Energy and Commerce Committee, Adam has worked to lower utility bills for hard working Illinois families and businesses, create more well-paying American jobs by revitalizing our manufacturing base, and create more certainty for the future of nuclear power plants. He has also been an active leader on the Foreign Affairs Committee, putting our national security and global relationships at the forefront of his agenda.

Throughout his time in Congress, Adam has worked to create a smaller, more efficient government that empowers innovation and individual potential. He has introduced legislation to rein-in runaway spending programs, prompting the Washington Post to report that “(Kinzinger) could serve as a poster boy for the new breed of conservatives who are eager to wipe out government waste and inefficiency – no matter where they find it.”

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