LaTourette on POTUS Budget Request: Tax Hikes and Deficit Spending is the Wrong Direction

Published on February 9, 2016.

WASHINGTON – The Republican Main Street Partnership’s Chairman, former Congressman Steve LaTourette made the following statement on the release of the President’s budget proposal:

“Today, the President fulfilled his constitutional duty to submit his budget request to the Congress. It’s disappointing the President’s proposed budget doesn’t reflect the current times.  With millions of Americans still struggling to find work, we need a budget that grows our economy, creates jobs, and balances without any tax increases.

“Tax hikes and deficit spending is the wrong direction for our country. I look forward to working with the governing Republicans in Congress to pass a pro-growth budget that will make our country competitive again.”

About Republican Main Street Partnership: The Republican Main Street Partnership was founded in 1997 to promote thoughtful leadership in the Republican Party and to develop and advocate for pragmatic, commonsense solutions to the challenges our country faces. Main Street is aligned with the governing wing of the Republican Party and centrist policymakers. Main Street’s membership is comprised of mainstream, fiscally conservative elected members of Congress. Main Street works with our elected officials, members, supporters and allies to develop and promote policy for implementation at appropriate levels of government.