Main Street Applauds ESEA Passage

Published December 2, 2015

Main Street Applauds Education Reform Bill


WASHINGTON – The Main Street Partnership President Sarah Chamberlain today made the following statement after House Passage of the S. 117, the Conference Report to replace No Child Left Behind:

“Today’s action by Congress brings much needed relief from the schools that are struggling to achieve real results under the heavy-handed approach of No Child Left Behind. This commonsense legislation replaces the controversial common core curriculum, eliminates unnecessary testing and gives parents more transparency so they can monitor student achievement. This is a positive step in the right direction and I look forward to the President signing this legislation into law.”

About Main Street Partnership: The Main Street Partnership was founded in 1997 to promote thoughtful leadership in the Republican Party and to develop and advocate for pragmatic, commonsense solutions to the challenges our country faces. Main Street is aligned with the governing wing of the Republican Party and centrist policymakers. Main Street’s membership is comprised of mainstream, fiscally conservative elected members of Congress. Main Street works with our elected officials, members, supporters and allies to develop and promote policy for implementation at appropriate levels of government.         

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