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Improving the Health of the American People

Improving the health of Americans requires developing cures for major diseases. Great progress has been made, but additional investment is necessary to accelerate developments. The 21st Century Cures Act will promote research efforts by the National Institute of Health and the community of researchers it funds. The bill would also allow patient experiences to be incorporated into the drug regulatory and review process. Treating mental health diseases, including bipolar disorder, addiction, depression, and schizophrenia, is critical to healing American’s minds, as well as their bodies.  Spending on mental health improvement will make a difference in improving the health care of citizens.

Growing a Competitive Economy

Our tax code is failing us, and it is impacting the American worker. The United States has the highest tax rate of any industrialized nation and is preventing job creators from employing more workers. We must reform every part of our tax system, both for corporations and individuals, to strengthen our economy. This will improve our global competitiveness and lead to increases in employment, wages and growth in the economy.

Training America’s Modern Workforce

The future of the American economy is contingent on the skills and knowledge of our workforce. Greater focus must be placed on educating our workforce to train them on the skills that are necessary in the 21st Century.  The United States continues to be plagued by high unemployment and a low workforce participation rate, many jobs go unfilled as companies cannot locate properly trained candidates. These candidates need to learn the new skills employers are looking for.  In addition, to have a globally competitive environment in the future, we need to ensure that we increase the focus on STEM education.

Making Critical National Investments

The United States must make critical national investments in the areas of infrastructure, defense, homeland security, education, and healthcare to ensure long term prosperity. There is a real need in rebuilding our physical infrastructure, roads, bridges, that will not only prevent problems, but will lead to job growth.

Making our Government Work Better

The Government needs to be reformed to better meet the needs of the people it serves.  Health care services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs are not meeting the critical needs of those men and women who sacrificed themselves for the country, and it needs to be changed.  We need to take care of our seniors, as more of the baby boom population enters the roles of Social Security and Medicare.  These important safety net programs need to be reformed to serve current and future seniors, without burdening workers with increased taxes.  To spark job growth and economic gains, we need to eliminate the many regulations that are creating barriers to entrepreneurs and business owners, weighting them down with additional costly mandates, that only further the needs of the government.  And, as Americans become more technologically savvy and rely on mobility devices, we need to look to ensure that additional spectrum is freed up to unleash their creativity.  The additional benefit is the additional government revenues taken in during auctions of the government-owned commodity.