"Main Street is a group of members who want to see Washington work. We want to get past the 24-hour news cycle and use pragmatic governing to deliver the kind of results our constituents are counting on."
- Rep. Rodney Davis, Chairman

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Our Story

Main Street is a thriving network of over 70 members of Congress representing the Governing Wing of the Republican Party. All of our members share a commitment to conservative, pragmatic government as well as compassion in our communities and character in our national leaders. Main Street understands that gridlock benefits no one and that there is no honor in ideological purity at the expense of results. We are dedicated to moving forward legislation that places country over party to address the issues facing American families.

Our Priorities

Comprehensive Tax Reform
Letting you take home more of your paycheck

Modernizing Infrastructure
Bolstering our economy and improving safety

Combating the Opioid Crisis
Improving enforcement, treatment, and prevention

Right To Try
Opening access to experimental treatments therapies

Cutting Red Tape
Opening avenues for businesses to create more jobs

Immigration Reform
Border security and streamlined visa processes

Cybersecurity Preparedness
Protecting private data & our critical infrastructure

Workplace Flexibility
Helping to balance productivity and family life

"People at home want to see action out of Washington.
That is what Main Street is about."
- Rep. Fred Upton, Co-Chair

Our Caucus

Founding an official caucus is great a step toward more solution-based governing. Our caucus will hold regular meetings to discuss, build consensus on, and approve legislative priorities. Standing over 70 members strong, the Republican Main Street Caucus will have leverage at the negotiating table and a powerful voice on the biggest issues facing our nation.

It is time to get past partisan bickering and ideological rigidity. Our goal is to find areas of commonality and pass legislation to affect real positive change for our constituents. We are here to advocate for the millions of hard-working American families who expect us to deliver results.

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