Main Street’s thriving network of over 70 members of Congress represents the governing wing of the Republican Party. All of its members share a commitment to conservative, pragmatic government as well as compassion in our communities and character in our national leaders. Main Street is dedicated to electing and defending legislators who will govern effectively in the Republican tradition. Main Street’s members are solutions-oriented fiscal realists and defenders of national security, advancing positive policies that can command bipartisan support.

We chose our name because Main Street symbolizes the place in America’s cities and towns where community members come together to exchange ideas, reach agreement, and build consensus. In that spirit, the Main Street Partnership’s goal is to find common-sense solutions to the challenges facing our nation.


Elections are easy — it’s governing that’s hard. That’s where Main Street comes in. We bring together some of the most effective members of Congress with leaders from business, education, and the professions.

As Congress and the nation grapple with many difficult issues, it is more important than ever that our leaders in Washington work across the aisle to develop pragmatic solutions. As a results-oriented organization, we believe that governing must move beyond partisan, political rhetoric. The American people deserve a Congress focused on the bottom line.

Main Street carries out its mission by helping to elect and defend members of Congress who exemplify excellence in government, and by providing them with rigorous and original policy research. Main Street also believes that respecting all people in a diverse society is essential to the success of democracy and all that we stand for as a nation. To that end, we work to broaden the Republican Party’s appeal to groups that have not historically voted Republican.

Governing Beyond Partisan, Political Rhetoric