Every day over one hundred Americans die of a drug-related overdose. Increasingly more and more of these fatalities are caused by extremely potent synthetic opioids like fentanyl and carfentanil. A report by the CDC found that opioid overdoses took the

Thanks to the support of Johnson & Johnson, the Republican Main Street Partnership’s Welcome Reception at the RNC in Cleveland was a huge success!  Guests enjoyed a spectacular evening at the Shoreby Club with spectacular views of the sunset over

Published December 18, 2015 WASHINGTON – The Main Street Partnership’s President, Sarah Chamberlain today made the following statement after the House of Representatives and Senate passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act to fund the government through fiscal year 2016: “Today’s votes

Published December 16, 2015 53 GOP House Members Voted Against 21st Century Cures; But Voted for NIH Funding in 2013 WASHINGTON – During the government shutdown in 2013, Harry Reid famously responded to a question from a reporter about National Institutes

Published December 3, 2015 WASHINGTON – The Main Street Partnership Chairman and former Congressman Steve LaTourette (R-OH) made the following statement on House passage of the Conference Report to Accompany H.R. 22 – Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act:  “By passing

Published December 2, 2015 Main Street Applauds Education Reform Bill WASHINGTON – The Main Street Partnership President Sarah Chamberlain today made the following statement after House Passage of the S. 117, the Conference Report to replace No Child Left Behind: “Today’s

WASHINGTON – President of the Main Street Partnership, Sarah Chamberlain, made the following statement after House Speaker Paul Ryan named Main Street member Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH) as Vice-Chair of the Joint Economic Committee: “With rising health care costs, low

Published October 21, 2015 WASHINGTON –  The Main Street Partnership’s President, former Congressman Steve LaTourette and Chief Operating Officer Sarah Chamberlain today made the following joint statement applauding Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) willingness to serve as Speaker of the United States

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: (202) 393-4353 October 5, 2015 Main Street Partnership Hails Passage of Bill to Lift Antiquated Oil Export Ban (Washington, DC) – Main Street Partnership (MSP) today hailed passage in the House of H.R. 702. This bill

Main Street’s Rep. Todd Young (R-IN) is a three-term representative from Indiana’s 9th District who has recently announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2016. Rep. Young was at one time an adjunct professor at Indiana University’s School of

President Obama signaled Wednesday he’s prepared to sign a bipartisan deal on Medicare emerging in Congress. “I’ve got my pen ready to sign a good bipartisan bill,” the president said during a speech at the White House. “I love when

More GOP House members must defend Democratic-friendly districts. About a week after the Republican midterm romp, nearly 20 soon-to-be House GOP freshmen huddled for a private lunch on the third floor of the Capitol Hill Club. The mood was jubilant:

HOUSE PREVIEW: Control of the House of Representatives is not in question, indeed there is almost unanimity among election watchers that Republicans will not only hold the House but actually increase their margin.  The question, of course, is how many

Full story: POLITICO The Senate on Wednesday narrowly advanced an emergency funding measure to respond to the influx of unaccompanied migrant children crossing the southern border that has triggered a humanitarian crisis. And that wasn’t even the hard part. Despite

The GOP starts to offer Americans a better alternative. The Affordable Care Act appears to be misfiring in every imaginable way, and Democrats are having second thoughts about serving as human shields for White House ineptitude. If they really want

(Washington, D.C.) – “Grid lock, divided government and hyper-partisanship have made governing an almost impossible task in Washington,” said former U.S. Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA), President and CEO of Main Street. “Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito has shown, however, that while governing

Voters can help cure poisonous partisanship By Tom Davis, Published: April 19 Much has been written in recent months about the future of the Republican Party, as “conservative” Rick Santorum proved popular among many primary voters against “centrist” Mitt Romney. This