Help Us Fix Mental Health Care Now

Millions of Americans are suffering from mental illness and millions are going without treatment. Too many are in our jails, homeless, needlessly suffering because they cannot get the treatment they desperately need. Our laws are preventing these people from getting the help they need. It is time we have treatment before tragedy.

We have seen huge improvements in medicine treating heart disease, HIV, cancer and many more. Yet suicide and drug overdose deaths continue to soar.

Our mental health care system is broken. In the most advanced society in the history of mankind, we allow a mental health care system burdened by outdated regulations, understaffed, and fraught with cracks through which entire lives and futures are falling. It’s about saving families — saving lives. We need your voice. Speak out. Sign the pledge to reform our nation’s broken mental healthcare system. Share us on Facebook. Tell your friends. It’s in our power to repair a broken system and it starts with your voice. Because where there is help, there is hope.