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The headlines almost always remain the same - Congress is broken, partisanship is at an all time high, and our legislative body is failing to get anything done.  While we recognize the gridlock Congress faces, it is important to know that Main Street members have passed over 200 bills in the 115th Congress and are leading commonsense solutions that have real, tangible effects on American families.

Main Street's members lead in Congress on both sides of the aisle to get results. They have championed and passed legislation to expand access to healthcare and mental health treatment, fight the opioid epidemic, keep our children safe at school, and create jobs to further grow our booming economy.  

In Heard on Main Street, we aim to tell the stories behind this important legislation. To hear from Members of Congress, advocates, and the American people about the issues that matter most. We hope you tune in every week for a new episode to learn a little more about the issues that our coalition of governing Republicans are fighting for in Washington. 

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