Delivering Results for American Families

“We are focused on common-sense conservative solutions to the issues facing our nation.”

MAIN STREET is a group of Senators and Representatives who want to see Washington GET THINGS DONE...

"We want to get past the 24-hour news cycle and govern pragmatically to deliver the kind of results our constituents, the American people, are counting on."

- Rep. Rodney Davis, Chariman    

It is time to get past partisan bickering and ideological rigidity. Our goal is to find areas of commonality and pass legislation to affect real positive change for our constituents. We are here to advocate for the millions of hard-working American families who expect us to deliver results.

Main Street is a thriving network of over 70 members of Congress representing the Governing Wing of the Republican Party. All of our members share a commitment to conservative, pragmatic government as well as compassion in our communities and character in our national leaders. Main Street understands that gridlock benefits no one and that there is no honor in ideological purity at the expense of results. We are dedicated to moving forward legislation that places country over party to address the issues facing American families.


Modernizing our Nation's


Training a 21st Century Workforce 


Growing Small Business & the  Economy

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic

Securing our Borders and a Solution for DREAMERS

Protecting our Cyber Networks

A Winning Record

  • Tax cuts for middle-class Americans and lower rates for small businesses
  • Life saving medical research programs through the 21st Century Cures Act
  • Critical funding to treat and prevent opioid addiction with the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act

COMPROMISE, Not Conflict

We chose our name because Main Street symbolizes the place in America’s cities and towns where community members come together to exchange ideas, reach agreement, and build consensus. In that spirit, the Main Street Partnership’s goal is to find common-sense solutions to the challenges facing our nation.

Governing Beyond Partisan Political Rhetoric

As Congress and the nation grapple with many difficult issues, it is more important than ever that our leaders in Washington work across the aisle to develop pragmatic solutions. As a results-oriented organization, we believe that governing must move beyond partisan, political rhetoric. The American people deserve a Congress focused on the bottom line.

Washington is known for gridlock - The Main Street Caucus is about solutions

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    Our Goal: In Congress communication and organization are key.  This caucus allows governing Republicans to have a unified voice.
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    Our Record: Our members have been on the front lines of some of the most influential legislation passed in recent years.  We know how to win the big battles.  
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    Our Future: There are too many important issues facing our nation for Congress to operate solely on political brinksmanship.  We aim to be the voice of reason and compromise pushing common-sense conservative solutions

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