Transportation Task Force

Last week, the Republican Main Street Partnership held its most recent meeting of its Transportation and Infrastructure Task Force with Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (PA-09).

Chairman Shuster discussed the FAA reauthorization bill – saying that it is very close to coming to the floor. He said that he is slowly moving people in the right direction and believes he will have the votes for passage.

On an infrastructure package, he said the direction the White House is taking and keeping the option of raising the gas tax on the negotiating table. The Chairman noted that fixing the Highway Trust Fund would bring some democrats to the table.

He also discussed the concept of asset recycling and how that would work using Australia and Connecticut as examples. The government retains ownership but gets a new revenue stream.

Lastly Shuster expressed the importance of coupling tax reform with infrastructure – because raising the gas tax is a lot easier if we lower personal tax rates so families are not hurt by a tax increase.