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Republican Main Street Partnership
Republican Main Street Partnership4 weeks ago
"As members of the Republican Main Street Caucus and supporters of the 3 million farmers that help our economy thrive, we are calling on our colleagues to pass these reforms that will help get millions of families back to work. This is our opportunity to not only assist our nation’s most vulnerable men, women, and children, but help them climb out of poverty as well. This farm bill helps accomplish both."

From Congressman Don Bacon, Rep. Rodney DavisRepresentative Jeff Denham, Congressman John Faso, and Dr. Roger Marshall
Republican Main Street Partnership
Republican Main Street Partnership1 month ago
This week Main Street members helped pass 35 bills aimed at combatting the #OpioidCrisis - Check out what our members are saying about these life saving solutions.
Republican Main Street Partnership
Republican Main Street Partnership1 month ago
Last night four more Main Street members and candidates won their primary elections.

✅ Congratulations to Barbara Comstock, Scott Taylor, Bruce Poliquin, Tom Rice for Congress & Cresent Hardy
Republican Main Street Partnership
Republican Main Street Partnership1 month ago
This week Congress will consider more than 30 bills addressing the opioid crisis. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick shares more about his "legislative battleplan" here from The Intelligencer
Republican Main Street Partnership
Republican Main Street Partnership shared The White House's live video.2 months ago
Main Street Members Greg Walden and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick helped lead the way in Congress to get this law across the finish line. Thanks to their leadership, countless families nationwide will now have the #RightToTry potentially life-saving treatments.
Republican Main Street Partnership
The White House
Watch LIVE as President Trump signs S. 204, the “Right to Try Act."
11 hours ago
" @Ashley_Nickloes however, has laid her life on the line for her country — repeatedly — while also developing broad knowledge of the nation and the world, as a student, a traveler, a flyer, a military leader, a wife, a mother and, by choice and heritage, an East Tennessean."
2 days ago
Let’s do this! 💪🏻🇺🇸🐘
MainStreetGOP photo
Maria Elvira Salazar 🇺🇸 @MaElviraSalazar
I am deeply moved by all the support our campaign is receiving. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and fight on behalf of each and every one of you, my community of South Florida! Together, we will make it to Congress 🇺🇸 #TeamMariaElvira #ConEllaSi
2 weeks ago
Members of Congress being denied access to facilities housing children separate from their families is unacceptable. We need action to bring these families back together and reform our broken immigration system. Thank you @RepJeffDenham for your leadership
3 weeks ago
And congratulations to Main Street candidate @krhern who advanced to a runoff election for the seat in #OK1 #MajorityMakers
3 weeks ago
Congrats to the 11 Main Street members who won their primaries last night! #Midterms2018

✅ Peter King
✅ John Katko
4 weeks ago
Rep. Marshall and other #MainStreet members were part of a delegation that surveyed the situation on the southern border over the weekend