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4 days ago
Disappointed to see @GavinNewsom flip-flopping on his campaign positions. Victims and families deserve justice - The voters clearly agree.

Newsom already #OutOfTouch
6 days ago
First Lesson for new members of Congress: You are being watched.

Second Lesson: Don't break the Rules.

1 week ago
There are better ways to resolve our differences than undermining 245 years of American traditions. Kudos to the 12 senators who stood up last week - #ADifferentWay
1 week ago
When Washington DC #Democrats talk about eliminating cows, why doesn't @RepCindyAxne speak-up? #GreenNewDeal
2 weeks ago
The inability of House Democrats to clearly say “Anti-Semitism is wrong” encourages radical Islamic terrorists to double down. This is a sad day for the party of Truman and JFK.
3 weeks ago
Who is @saikatc & why has he refused to comment on an #FEC complaint involving @AOC?